Are dried cranberries good for kidneys?

Are dried cranberries good for kidneys?

Yes, cranberries are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that are beneficial to people with kidney disease. However, dried cranberry are often sweetened with a high amount of sugar to offset the naturally tart flavor. A single portion of dried cranberries can contain 20g of sugar, which is mostly added sugar. It is recommended that woman consume less than 35g of sugar per day and men less than 36g of sugar per day.

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Are dried cranberries high in oxalates?

Cranberries and cranberry juice are generally considered to contain a moderate amount of oxalate, however the research to support these statements tend to use a reference from 1980 that states that 500ml of cranberry juice contains 22mg of oxalate. This is almost 17ounces of juice. According to one source, it takes 4,400 cranberries to make a gallon of juice, so that 17 ounce portion would include the juice of 584 cranberries – which is A LOT of cranberries. If you’re eating a reasonable portion of dried cranberries which is ¼ cup, I would expect that you are only consuming 100 or so dried cranberries. And I would expect that these 100 dried cranberries would have far less oxalate content than the 584 cranberries used to make 17 ounces of cranberry juice.

If you are prone to oxalate stones, we would recommend avoiding or limiting cranberry juice due to it’s know content of oxalate. There are also additional studies that suggest consuming cranberry juice or high doses of cranberry juice in tablet form (such as those to treat urinary tract infections) put you at greater risk of stone formation. (Source) If you choose to include dried cranberries in your diet, we recommend limiting it to one portion size, which is ¼ cup or one ounce.

Are dried cranberries high in potassium?

One ounce of cranberries contains 14mg of potassium making it a low potassium fruit.

Are dried cranberries high in phosphorus?

No. One half cup of cranberries contains about 2mg of phosphorus. The phosphorus found in cranberries is natural and poorly absorbed by the body, so it is considered a low phosphorus food.

What are the benefits of dried cranberries?

  • Cranberries contain vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants consumed through fruits and vegetables are considered to have protective effects against many chronic diseases.
  • Cranberries are also a good source of fiber. Fiber is important for gut health as well as helping the body maintain potassium levels.
  • Research shows that a low intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with an increased risk of developing kidney failure in people with kidney disease (as well as those who don’t have kidney disease.

Healthy ways to eat dried cranberries

  • In moderation! Due to the high amount of added sugar.
  • Mix into a trailmix with some kidney friendly nuts and cereal

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