Gout and Chronic Kidney Disease- Impact of MSG

Gout is a very common condition in people with CKD, and there are several nutritional factors that play a role. One nutritional factor that does not always get much attention is monosodium glutamate (MSG). What is gout? Gout is a condition that is sometimes also called monosodium urate crystal deposition disease. It occurs when crystals […]

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Low Phosphorus Hamburger Buns

Low Phosphorus Hamburger Buns

Make your burgers as kidney friendly as possible by choosing a low phosphorus hamburger bun – plus some additional tips for make the most kidney friendly burger possible. Do hamburger buns have phosphorus? Yes, all hamburger buns will contain some amount of phosphorus. However, many hamburger buns also contain phosphorus additives, which can be particularly

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Kidney Friendly low phosphorus low sodium Pizza Crust

Low Phosphorus Pizza Crust

Making your own pizza at home is a great way to make a more kidney friendly pizza. You will have a lot more control over the sodium content of your pizza as well as whether or not there are any phosphorus additives. Not only that, but you get to pick the toppings that you like!

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kidney friendly tea

Is tea ok for kidney disease?

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world and comes in many different forms. In moderation, tea can still be enjoyed when you have kidney disease, however there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the type of tea you are going to drink. Is tea ok for kidney

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Phosphorus free baking powder

Phosphorus Free Baking Powder for CKD

When trying to control phosphorus in your diet, it is recommended to always check the ingredient lists of foods to see if there is a phosphorus additive since additives are absorbed better than natural phosphorus. Why do baked goods contain phosphorus additives? If you’ve been doing this for a while, you might have noticed that

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does coffee cause high potassium levels

Does coffee cause high potassium levels in CKD?

Coffee can lead to elevated potassium levels under certain circumstances (that are completely avoidable). How much potassium is in coffee? One 8 ounce cup of regular coffee contains 124mg of potassium (and decaf will contain a similar amount of potassium). However, many coffee mugs and insulated travel mugs can hold substantially more than 1 cup

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pseudohypoglycemia and ckd

What is pseudohypoglycemia?

If you have Chronic Kidney Disease and diabetes, you probably know how important it is to control your diabetes to help prevent further damage to your kidneys (HINT – it is VERY important). Unfortunately, people with diabetes who attempt to quickly get their diabetes under control can end up feeling worse than they did with

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vitamin c and ckd

Vitamin C and CKD: Too much of a good thing?

What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that plays many important roles in our body. Vitamin C is well known for it’s role in supporting the immune system and helps to stimulate white blood cells that help fight infections. Vitamin C also helps with wound healing, which is especially important for people

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causes of pseudohyperkalemia and CKD

Pseudohyperkalemia and CKD

When a person has kidney disease, their body can start to have trouble managing potassium levels. Potassium levels that are too high or too low can cause problems with your heart beat – which can be very serious. For this reason, many people with kidney disease monitor their potassium labs and potassium intake very closely.

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